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Kukšu muiža castle, manor

Addressaddress Tukuma novads, Kukšas, Jaunsātu pagasts
Route85 km from Riga to guest house
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Welcome to Kukšu manor house!

Come over and enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of the old Kukšu manor house. The time has stopped its pace here for you to feel the spirit of many centuries. Gorgeous carpets, sparkling chandeliers, antique furniture, paintings, frescos and magnificent window decorations show you into the unique world of Kukšu manor house. Each room of the house has its own story to tell about the former owners and dwellers and of the changing tastes of past centuries. The aura of the old manor house will surround you in the comfortable guest rooms.

Kukšu Manor offers delicious local cuisine, using fresh local produce in season. There is no set menu. Meals are made to order, and guests may choose from available products.

There are many things to do during your stay with us. First of all do nothing, relax, read, cleanse your soul, get rid of stress, and go for a walk. Listen to the voices of nightingales, hear the knocking of storks, and feed our family of swans, which like to feed right in front of the house in summer. You may prefer to enjoy sports, visit the sauna, swim, hike, run short or long distances, walk, boat and cycle. We can also make your travel plans and take care of every little detail.

We will be glad to welcome you in Kukšu manor house and ensure your comfort during your stay!

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