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Agate Hotel leisure complex

Addressaddress Jelgavas novads, Skolas iela 16 ,Ozolnieki
Route38 km from Riga to guest house
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About Agate Hotel
Inhabitants of the rural territory Ozolnieki excitedly follow the transformation process of the old shooting gallery Ozolnieki and try to guess what will happen in the building by the forest; the one adorned with woodcarvings and located next to “Ozolnieku Hill”, at 16 Skolas Street.

The hotel “Agate hotel” was opened on 1 June, 2014, offering 23 well-equipped rooms and a restaurant. The owners, “Villa Elizabete” Ltd., have already gained rich experience in the creation and development of the seaside Guest House “Villa Elizabete”, in Engure, therefore “Agate hotel” will already be the second place in Latvia where they welcome tourists and guests.

“Agate hotel” is built like “a small boutique” type of hotel and is managed by the family who owns this hotel. These types of hotels are very common and popular all around the world as guests can always count on a very personal approach to welcoming and servicing. Since the opening day guests from various countries – France, Austria, Finland, Poland, Russia, Turkey and, of course, Latvia – have visited the hotel. One segment of the guests is athletes arriving to competitions or training camps in Ozolnieki, (close cooperation with the OZO ice-hall) in Jelgava or Riga. The hotel has a restaurant with a closed terrace where is open for all visitors. In this way, we have added a tasty place where the locals of Ozolnieki and guests can enjoy a delicious meal. The quality of the service and sophistication of the menu in the restaurant is as high as in the restaurant in Engure “Kapteinis & Grants”, Chef Sabīne Bunkše.

In total the hotel offers 15 double, 3 triple and one single room with single beds, as well as 4 suites for guests with refined needs (with double beds). Four of the hotel rooms are fitted for people with special needs. All the rooms and suites have internet, TV, shower and WC. Guests can spend their free time in the spacious lobby on the ground floor of the hotel. There is also a garden with a terrace that can be used for the organising of various events.

The hotel can accommodate 50 guests and around 40 people can sit comfortably in the restaurant with the terrace. We can offer premises and catering services for various events and celebrations – weddings, anniversaries, and corporate events. The chef of the restaurant not only offers her special dishes, she can also develop a menu according to your needs.

All the people working in this family business always try to do everything as they would do it for themselves. The word included in the hotel name – Agate, can be translated as the precious stone – agate – and together with our team of employees we cherish and carefully polish this stone.

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