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Bērziņi guest house

Addressaddress Salacgrīvas novads, Salacgrīvas pagasts, Bērziņi 1
Season01.01 - 31.12
Route71 km km from Riga to guest house
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Guesthouse "Berzini" ("little birch") is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Riga in Latvia's region called Vidzeme, 50 meters from the stony beach.
The house is available all year round for recreation, either alone, or for a family or for a group of up to ten people.
At your disposal four double rooms, extra double bed, two showers and toilets and a modern kitchen with crockery and cutlery for 10 people.
Sauna and other services available at additional cost.

You can relax here in the spring, when nature awakens, in the summer, when flowers grow, in the fall, when berries and mushrooms ripe and in the winter in the snow or on ice.

Relax at the fireplace listening to your favorite music, watching satellite TV or enjoy the scenery through the small windows of the cottage looking to the sea.
You can watch the wildlife on the nearby lawn.

In winter you can go ice fishing, skiing or skating.

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Active leisure
Par personu diennaktī 25 €
Par 10 vietīgu guļbaļķu namu diennakti250 €
Par 2-vietīgu apartamentu diennaktī60 €
Par 4- vietīgu apartamentu diennaktī100 €
Par pirti diennaktī50 €
Par pirts kubulu diennaktī70 €
Par tenisa korta nomu stundā10 €
Nakšņošana teltī no cilvēka10 €

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