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Kundziņu salas guest house

Addressaddress Limbažu novads, Kundziņsala, vidriži, limbažu novads
Season01/01 - 31/12
Route55 km from Riga to guest house
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Guest house "Kundzinu salas" is the place where time stops to enjoy the peace and quietness of the nature.
"Kundzinu salas" is a family-owned business where we are developing our dream of the ideal place for family holidays.
We offer you to enjoy the peace of nature and many other opportunities
- fishing in the pond
- boat ride along the pond
- evening at the fire, cooking fire soup
- sauna and swim in a pond or/and in a warm outdoor hot tub under the million of stars and birds songs.
For younger guests there are 2 trampolines, a playground, a swing, a sandbox, and our mini-hen and rabbit garden.
Each time there is different even the nature helps us by changing the nature of the painting and the sound of it’s concert hall.

Our guest house has two houses:
1) Sauna house "Žagatas" (for 13 persons + infant) 100m2, which is suitable for organizing celebrations for up to 20 people.
There is separate shower and toilet, sauna and hot tub facilities and fully equipped kitchen, terrace and grill equipment outside.
2) Family house:
- on the 1 ground floor family room "Dūjas" (for 5 persons + infant, 50m2)
- on the 1st floor the family room "Pūcites" (for 8 persons, 50m2).
There is separate entrance, shower and toilet, fully equipped kitchen for every room. There is terrace and grill equipment outside and hot tub facilities.

Pirts māja "Žagatas" bilde Nr.1Pirts māja “Žagatas” bilde Nr.2 bilde Nr.3Skats uz saliņu bilde Nr.4Skats uz ģimenes māju un pirts māju "Žagatas" bilde Nr.5Pirts māja "Žagatas" bilde Nr.6Ieejas ģimenes numuros "Dūjas" un "Pūcītes" bilde Nr.7Āra kubls "Žagatās" bilde Nr.8Āra kubls pirts mājā "Žagatas" bilde Nr.9Pirts māja “Žagatas” bilde Nr.10 bilde Nr.11 bilde Nr.12 bilde Nr.13 bilde Nr.14Āra kubls "Žagatās" bilde Nr.15 bilde Nr.16 bilde Nr.17 bilde Nr.18 bilde Nr.19"Dūjas"/ "Pūcītes" terase bilde Nr.20"Dūjas"/ "Pūcītes" terase bilde Nr.21"Dūjas" virtuve bilde Nr.22"Dūjas" bilde Nr.23"Dūjas" guļamistaba #1 bilde Nr.24"Dūjas" guļamistaba #2 bilde Nr.25"Pūcītes" virtuve bilde Nr.26"Pūcītes" bilde Nr.27 bilde Nr.28"Pūcītes" bilde Nr.29 bilde Nr.30 bilde Nr.31Pirts bilde Nr.32 bilde Nr.33 bilde Nr.34 bilde Nr.35 bilde Nr.36Skats no putnu lidojuma bilde Nr.37Terase #skatsuzdīķi bilde Nr.38 bilde Nr.39Skats uz saliņu bilde Nr.40Salas sirsniņmājiņa bilde Nr.41Skats no sirsniņmājas bilde Nr.42Saliņas nojume bilde Nr.43 bilde Nr.44 bilde Nr.45
Active leisure
Ģimenes numurs 5 guļvietas110 €
Ģimenes numurs 8 guļvietas180 €
Pirts māja 13 guļvietas sestdiena300 €
Pirts māja 13 guļvietas piektdiena 300 €
Romantiskais numurs 2 viesi110 €
Pirts līdz 4h60 €
Makšķerēšana bez maksas0 €
Āra kubls līdz 6h70 €
Laivas noma bez maksas0 €

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