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Laipas bath house

Addressaddress Sējas novads, Laipas
Route47 km from Riga to guest house

You are welcome to our bath house. It is located on the bank of the small river Loja in the very quite and peaceful surrounding. There are two floors in the bath house: on the first floor is the sauna (comfortable for 6 persons) with the wood burning stove, the main room with the fireplace and small kitchen, shower and WC and the second floor with two sleeping rooms (4-6 persons). All the premises on thre1st floor have heated floors. You can use any kind of whisks in this sauna: there will be always some birch whisks on your disposal in our bath house. You can also bring with you or composite your own whisk in the meadows in summer time.

We have also the terrace outside with the big tub of hot water for up to 6 persons for having unforgettable pleasure especially in winter time. The heating of the tub should be ordered in the previous day at least, because the filling and heating takes 6 hours and more if the weather is cold.

The river Loja is in some 20 meters from the bath house. It is refreshing to swim in the river even in the hottest summer day because the stream is very fast.


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