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Lejnieki holiday house

Addressaddress Dienvidkurzemes novads, Lejnieki, Sakas pagasts
Season01.04 - 31.10
Route210 km from Riga to guest house
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Holiday home "Lejnieki" is located in Strante, Southern Kurzeme, between Ulmale and Pavilosta.
Here is a moment for calm and peaceful rest - the rays of the setting sun are directed directly towards the terrace, allowing for a romantic rest for two or in the company of friends. On the other hand, the sunset by the sea will take your breath away!
The cabins are well-furnished, suitable for up to five persons. On the 1st floor there is a bedroom with a spacious double bed, a kitchen area (equipped with everything you need for cooking), a bathroom with a shower and heated floors. On the 2nd floor, accommodation options for a maximum of four people (two single and one double folding bed). There is a grill with accessories at the cabins. Deciduous firewood (packaged in bags) and special ecological pine scales for kindling can be purchased locally.
Four-legged vacationers have their own sleeping mat and dishes for food at no extra charge.
During the harvest season, you can buy the sweet wild cherries of Kurzeme growing in the owner's garden, large blackcurrants or mixed varieties of apple juice without added sweeteners in 3l or 5l vacuum packs. If you inform the owners in time, you can order hot smoked chicken.
For an additional fee - hot tub.
See you in Lejnieki!

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Active leisure
Atpūta 1-2 personām 1 nakts100.00 €
Atpūta 1-2 personām 2 naktis160.00 €
Atpūta 1-2 personām 6 naktis440.00 €
Atpūta 3-6 personām 1 nakts150.00 €
Atpūta 3-5 personām 2 naktis250.00 €
Atpūta 3-5 personām 6 naktis600.00 €
Karstais kubls,viena kurināšanas reize50.00-70.00 €

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