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Apartamenti Pālena muižā holiday house

Addressaddress Dobeles novads, Sanatorija 2-24, Tērvete
Route70 km from Riga to guest house
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We are located next to Tervete Nature Park.
In the restored part of the Tērvete Hunting manor house there is a possibility for guests to enjoy a healthy recreational stay in a studio type accommodations of 40m2 and 30m2 with a separate bedrooms. In the kitchen one can prepare his favourite meal, coffee and tea,- the kitchen is equipped with the necessary appliances. There is a refrigerator in the apartment for keeping the brought products fresh. The restored antique fireplace will provide an experience of a live fire. The spacious bathroom with floor heating will allow one to wash away the fatigue of the day. There is a lavatory (WC) and washing machine as well. Wi-Fi available. The layout of the accommodation will make everyone feel like home.

The open terrace of the southern side will allow one to relax in the warm embrace of the sun. Looking through the windows, the old multi-level park of the manor with oak trees more than a hundred years old and figural linden tree plantations can be viewed. There is a playground in the park for children’s activities.
We have garden furniture and grill.
We can offer horse riding. Near is a lake with swimming place and boat rental opportunities.

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Active leisure
2 personām sezonas laikā (Annas apartamentā - 69 EUR)59 €
Papildus vietas cena par katru15 €
Pirmsskolniekiem maksa par nakti8 €
Mazuļiem, kuri guļ ar vecākiem - bez maksas0 €

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