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Rasa SPA guest house

Addressaddress Bauskas novads, Jaunceriņi, Brunavas pagasts
Route81 km from Riga to guest house
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Guest house „Rasa SPA” started accepting guests in 2006. It is fulfillment of the family dream and thereby accommodation of guests is the thing we love. Every guest is special for us and we try to do everything that is possible and impossible for guests to feel good here. We wish that our guests who spend the most of their time in a city rush, stress and hurry would be able to rest here and gain strength and get initiative for new ideas. Good sleep is worth a lot and we want to offer it to you! Children can run around and feel free, get fresh air and joyful rhythm of the day.
During this time we have had many guests. Wonderful people from all around the world. We have been very happy to meet them and see them coming back.
We give a special attention to the bath-house ritual. By applying Latvian bath-house traditions we offer adventurous trip in the magnificent world of bath-house and we wish to share it with you. We also have other SPA offers for everyone to be able to choose. Try it! Because it is better to try it once rather to hear about it hundred of times!

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