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Saulesstari holiday house

Addressaddress Daugavpils novads , Alejas iela 44
Route230 km from Riga to guest house

A favorite place for your celebrations, family recreation and other activities - recreation complex "Saulesstari" - offers a memorable rest and active leisure time in a beautiful place near the Medumu lake, where there is a unique historic atmosphere and spirit of the century by the ancient interiors that will delight guests, allowing a wonderful experience mood.
The recreation center includes a unique mansion, well-hunter's house, a gazebo and a water pipe separate sauna complex with a kitchen.
We offer:
- The opportunity to spend an unforgettable time in private, landscaped grounds with a beautiful view;
- Landscaped estates with ancient decor and a beautiful view of the lake from the balcony, banquet hall (30 persons) and accommodation (10 persons);
- The rest in the house of the hunters with a fireplace hall and accommodation for groups up to 10 persons;
- Bath leisure with a kitchen (you can rent separately);
- Nice boating (route length and duration can be selected according to their ability and liking);
- Interesting kayaking and catamaran;
- The possibility to hold a fishing competition and boat rentals;
- Specially designed places for picnics;
- Camping area with fireplace;
- Active recreation at the lake with sports fields;
- Table tennis, badminton, volleyball;
- Trampoline entertainment;
- Trails for romantic walks and cycling;
- The opportunity to spend a quiet holiday in a scenic location;
- A kitchen for cooking;
- Tableware, cook or order a delicious meal according to your preferences;
- Parking lots;
- TV, WC, shower;
- Relax in the fresh air and pleasant atmosphere;
- The possibility to rent all complex "Saulesstari" for a large event organizers (weddings, anniversaries, christening);
- Places for your photo shoots;
- Fabulous sunsets, enjoying every breath of wind, which has flown over the Medumu lake, etc.

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Active leisure
Naktsmītnes 40 €
Laivu noma2 €
Makšķerēšana5 €
Banketu zāles200 €

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