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Svētku pils guest house

Addressaddress Ķekavas novads, Attekas, Vimbukrogs
Route15 km from Riga to guest house
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Guest house Svētku pils is located on the banks of the Daugava with a scenic view of Dole Manor park, which will make your wedding unforgettable. Being here it is difficult to grasp that a wedding venue is located just 20 minutes from the center of Rīga. Svētku pils combines the beauty of nature with today’s amenities so that the newlyweds can feel at home here with 40 to 90 guests.

This is a wedding venue to fulfil your dreams of the most beautiful day of your life. Time stands still to remain forever in your memories. The guest house is enhanced by a spacious banquet hall and dance hall with contemporary lighting and sound equipment, comfortable guest rooms, lovely scenery and the presence of a majestic river – it is no wonder it is called Svētku pils.

Here, every wedding – large or small – acquires a special aura. Our elegant Svētku pils will turn your wedding celebration into a beautiful love story.

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Svētku pils ar nakšņošanu1500 - 3200 €

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