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"EcOlive" Dzīvokļu hotel

Addressaddress Rīga, Olīvu iela 5
Route4 km from Riga to guest house
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Are you looking for rent apartment in Riga?

Convenient and bright apartments in a family 3-storey Apart-Hotel "EcOlive", just 4 km from the historic center of Riga. Rental of apartments is possible for a long or short term. This is the best accomodation solution for those who have the silence, comfort and opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of living in a separate apartment and hotel service at an affordable price in priority.

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Nelieli dzīvokļi, 22-24 m2, no200 €
Standarta dzīvokļi, 32-33 m2, no 250 €
Lieli dzīvokļi, 48-78 m2, no 300 €

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