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Kaķītis leisure complex

Addressaddress Siguldas novads, Senču iela 1
Season01/01 - 31/12
Route50 km from Riga to guest house
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Kaķītis Guest House is a romantic Alpine style building with a sauna complex, conference and banquet halls and six accommodation rooms. It is situated near the very Kaķītis Hill where you can enjoy skiing fun during wintertime but in summer spend time in the adventure park Mežakaķis.

Test your limits and enjoy your time on the different routes in Sigulda, Kaķīškalns and Riga (Mežaparks), approximately 150 m from the open-air stage in Mežaparks)! Exciting relaxation for outdoor recreation enthusiasts of any age!

Together with a bunch of friends or in a romantic solitude you can forget your everyday cares and warm yourself in one of saunas at Kaķītis, relax in a whirlpool tub or arctic outdoor bath as well as have a drink at the sauna bar.

Kaķītis Guest House is a perfect place where you can combine creative work with recreation. At your service there is a conference room equipped for presentation needs.

Fireplace room is designed in a cozy and comfy style for you to relax, forget everything and enjoy yourself. Ideal for family celebrations, weddings, conversations in an informal atmosphere, office parties etc.

In all seasons you are welcome in our pub. Snacks for a coffee-break or sauna party, full dinner for a birthday celebration or office party, grilled treats outdoors - these and a lot more of your "gastonomic" dreams will be made true by our chefs.

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Active leisure
Piedzīvojumu parks Mežakaķis pieaugušajiem17.1 €
Pirts kompleksa īre 2h, katra nākamā h 25 LVL106.7 €
Papildus gulta pieaugušajam14.2 €
Papildus gulta bērnam (līdz 12 gadiem)7.1 €
Kamīna zāles vai semināra zāles īre/h14.2 €
Kamīna zāles un semināra zāles īre/h21.3 €
Viesnīca ar brokastīm 2 personām56.9 €
Volejbola laukuma īre/h4.3 €
Viesnīca ar brokastīm 3 personām71.1 €
Velosipēdu noma uz 1h2.8 €
Viesnīca ar brokastīm 4 personām85.4 €
Velosipēdu noma uz 2h4.3 €
Velosipēdu noma uz 3h5.7 €
Velosipēdu noma uz diennakti8.5 €
Piknika vietas īre (grils+ogles+šķidrums)14.2 €

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