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Ozolkalns camping

Addressaddress Amatas novads, Slēpošanas un atpūtas parks „Ozolkalns”, SIA
Season1.01. - 30.12
Route90 km from Riga to guest house
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Camping „Ozolkalns „
The campsite has 7 heated cabins - also may be used during wintertime. (Meals not included, no self-cooking possible, tea kettle available). Possible to accommodate 36 guests. Camping for boaters, camps and simply those who wish to rest on the riverbank of Gauja.

Ski and snowboarding slopes
With respect to Latvia’s natural resources, we have preserved the beautiful terrain. This allows for acceleration on steeper inclines, as well as relaxed enjoyment on more level ski runs. The resort has great snow and night lighting. The slopes are 500 m long.

Adventure park „SUPERVĀVERE”
In OZOLKALNS Adventure Park, admirers of active recreation have opportunities to try more than 60 attractions: among tall and short trees there are placed various rope courses, passes and obstacles, as well as descents along cable rip lines.

Float rental
We offer floats suitable for 15 persons. They are equiped with tabeles and chairs. So you can rest all together on the Gauja river. We offer one – day route: Ozolaklans – Līgatne or a route for two days: Jāņarāmis – Ozolkalns – Līgatne.

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Active leisure
4vietīgs namiņš70 €
5vietīgs namiņš77 €
Papildus gulta namiņā10 €
Piknika vieta ar galdu zem jumta20 €
Teritorijas noma210 €
10 vietīgs namiņš (3 guļamistabas)185 €
Pirts 2 stundas45 €
Pirts īre uz visu nakti110 €

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