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Klintis camping

Addressaddress Salacgrīvas novads, Klintis, Salacgrīvas l. t., Latvija, LV-4033
Season01.01 - 31.12
Route86 km from Riga to guest house
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The Vetszemyu rocks consist of 200-meter-long sandstone cliffs of the height of about 3-4 meters at Vetszeme. Loose layers cut through the cracks and shallow caves. These were the filming locations of the scenes of the Latvian feature films such as The Night Without Birds, and The Long Road in the Dunes.
If you are going to travel by car, you are better off carrying cash or credit card, as they charge parking fees at the Vetszeme rocks.
The Vetszeme Rocks is a wonderful place for a wedding photo shoot. Bizarre ledges and recesses, crags’ of radiating white to red colors, caves, filled with large trees, thrown out by sea, piles of stones – everything helps you create a unique world of your honeymoon.
In comparison with the white sand dune, there are fewer tourists around here. In addition, along the coastal cliffs the Klintis campsite is situated where you can relax during the honeymoon.

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Active leisure
Mājiņa 1-4 personām (svētdiena - ceturtdiena)50 €
Mājiņa 1-4 personām ( piektdiena - sestdiena, svētku dienas)70 €
Melnā pirts 12h120 €
Melnās pirts kubls 12h70 €
Pirts - Laiva80 €
Atpūtas vietas Nr. 1 – Nr.3812 €
Stāvlaukums autobusam / 24h5 €
Lapene ar elektrības pieslēgumu16 €
Stāvlaukums vieglajai automašīnai / diena3 €
Kemperis 24h20 €

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