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Stirna holiday house

Addressaddress Krustpils novads, Kūku pagasts, Palejnieku Oši, LV-5222
Route145 km from Riga to guest house
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Holiday house "Stirna" (translated - roe) is surrounded by forests and ponds, as well as the nature park Laukezers (9 km) and Balotes lake (10 km). These are tons of oxygen (Latvian trees produce 13 times more oxygen during the growth than the country's population would need) in crystal clear air, ponds and lakes, wildlife, as well as fabulous forest trails. Blue skies and endless adventures in harmony with nature. In our territory you can meet the great roe, tricky fox, carefree looper - hares, ducks and other small creatures. "Stirna" is located only 5 km from the cozy city of Jekabpils. With us you can enjoy a steam bath and a hot tub to heal your body and reduce stress, lie lazily in the hammock and immerse yourself in the wonderful natural landscapes. There is a playground for children, but for those who want to have some movement, there is an opportunity to play volleyball. If you've never ridden a SUP board - it's time to give it a try! Explore all the ponds (4) like a sailor, discovering unmarked lands! In the evening, you can light a campfire and prepare the most delicious dishes from your recipe collection, both on the grill and in the smokehouse. Do you have a dog? Take it with you! Wild expanses are better than the softest sofa - and how many cones, trees and new scents! "Stirna" is located in a closed place, so it is always quiet and safe here - just for you and your family. A wonderful idyll where you can relax your body and refresh your soul. If you forget to buy something, do not worry - the small shop "Aibe" is located just 2.4 km from the holiday house. Visit with family and children, friends and loved ones, because the holiday home is designed for harmonious recreation in nature for companies of up to 10 people. Holiday house "Stirna" is always open for positive emotions, joy and relaxation!

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Atpūtas māja (līdz 4 personas)180 €
Atpūtas māja ( līdz 6 personas)215 €
Atpūtas māja (līdz 8 personas245 €
Atpūtas māja (9 personas)255 €
Atpūtas māja (10 personas)265 €
Pirts35 €
Karstais Kubls 70 €
SUP 1 gab./dienā10 €

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